WWE’s Mr. Wonderful + Bluetooth mirror = The TODAY Show

March 29, 2017

Whether you have already cut the cord or are still clinging to your TV remote, there is no denying the appeal of a broadcast opportunity. Whether it’s a quick mention in a segment or a 60-Minutes interview, to see your client or their product on the tube is always a major score.

But when the Barokas Communications GTR team heard back from TODAY Show personality, Katie Linendoll, we weren’t sure what to expect. The team had been on a mission to secure more media placements in consumer-facing publications, and the TODAY Show was on the list – the wish list…

When product is on the table, reporters are usually more interested in testing it out – who doesn’t want to try out the newest gadgets? Some come through with coverage, others go dark.

In this situation, product wasn’t enough. We had to appeal to Katie on a personal level and pitch the product to fit into her life. If you’ve ever been on Katie’s Twitter, it’s very apparent that she has a love for WWE. After a few emails about WWE’s Mr. Perfect and his theme song (something any WWE-enthusiast would love to listen to in the shower), we got her attention.


She was interested in testing one of the mirrors and would pitch the product to a few outlets, but mentioned that the price point was likely too high for the TODAY Show audience. Even with what seemed like a complete shot in the dark, we sent Katie a mirror to test.

3 days later....

It’s Saturday afternoon. I’m in the park, drinking a Twisted Tea. My phone vibrates and it’s Katie.

“I have yet to test but have interest from Today Show to feature next week in a spring gadgets segment. Can you have several units sent to the Today studio by Tuesday? Let me know and I’ll provide more detail.”

After a quick happy dance, I make the request to the team – can we get these shipped overnight on Monday? If anyone has had shipping luck like I do (still waiting for my records that were apparently shipped in 2016…), I was nervous. Will they make it on time? What if one is harmed during shipment? Could this be my one shot to have a client and Al Roker in the same room????

Long story short, it worked out but with plenty of anxiety as an appetizer. The two Viio mirrors closed out the TODAY Show “Spring Gadgets” segment, while also appearing in the segment tease. The segment was then reposted to the TODAY Show website, Katie tweeted multiple times about the product and posted an image to Instagram where she has over 21k followers.


Watch the full segment here:


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