Cannabis Corner: Barokas PR Connects with New Class of Entrepreneurs at Canopy Boulder

April 25, 2017

Good morning, and apologies for the lack of Cannabis Corner content over the past few weeks. We’re hoping to ramp back up this quarter – in case you missed some of the earlier posts this year, here’s a refresher.

Last week, Barokas Communications had the honor of meeting the newest class of entrepreneurs in Canopy Boulder, a seed-stage business accelerator program for the cannabis industry. This ambitious group has high hopes for new technology and business offerings that could prove to disrupt these nascent marketplaces across the country. These concepts included unique ways to connect consumers and patients via online networks, location-based apps to point shoppers towards the best deals in real time, and even robotics offerings to automate and improve harvesting and trimming practices for producers and processors.

Image credit: Canopy Boulder

Fellow BPR’er Jen Roane and myself ventured over to the Canopy offices in Boulder to talk PR – how to do it, when you need it, and options available for when the time is right. We walked through some examples of successful campaigns in addition to fielding sharp questions from these founders on what they should be looking for when they are shopping of PR support.

All of these brands are locked into product and business development, and rightfully so. While these companies are far too young to reap the full benefits of a PR campaign on any scale, there are critical steps these founders can be taking to prepare for that time. Consistent messaging, established spokespeople, and well thought storylines can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of a launch campaign and help catalyze critical thinking into other parts of the business. These assets can even help identify challenges that can be ironed out before the company emerges from this stealthier period of development.

While still in their infancy, these companies have lofty goals for their graduation from Canopy Boulder and are watching other established ancillary brands like hawks for business advice to replicate and pitfalls to avoid as they grow. Check out all of these companies, including this most recent class, right here – you’ll be hearing a lot from them soon.



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