How to Land a PR Internship

June 1, 2017

Internships. Ugh, am I right? As a college student, you’re told by your professors, family, and well-meaning strangers that you must have internship experience to be a successful adult post-grad. While not a requirement, internships do signal to potential employers that you took the time to gain experience outside of the classroom. The good news? Internships can be awesome and worth every second of your time!

At Barokas Communications, we take pride in offering a fun, worthwhile internship program for current students willing to take the plunge. Our interns spend their days learning from team members and supporting accounts with real work (no coffee runs here, folks).

How do you land one of these awesome positions? After receiving many resumes, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to earn you a position here (or wherever you’re applying).

  1. Craft the perfect (brief) introductory email

We receive lots of these – usually during an incredibly busy workday – so make sure yours is brief, memorable, personal and has an attached resume. We want to be able to read the email and get to know who you are as quickly as possible. This may seem obvious, but do not send your resume and cover letter attached to an email with no body copy. Please.

  1. Do your research on the company

We’re pretty cool if you take the time to get to know us. Call out what you love about Barokas Communications (flattery is a powerful thing, people) in your first email and subsequent interview. Show us you care about working here enough to become a Barokas Communications expert like us.

  1. Check your emails and supporting documents for errors

That is all.

  1. Highlight how awesome you are

You know you’re awesome, experienced, hardworking, etc. but we don’t…yet. Tell us why we should pull your resume out of a stack and bring you in for an interview. Provide tangible examples of past leadership and skills you can bring to this internship.

  1. Name drop – Better yet, find a way to be referred from the inside

Become a LinkedIn pro and do a bit of connection stalking. Is there a BPRer who went to your university? Does your friends older sister work here? Reach out! Make a connection, express your interest, and then email about an internship.

  1. Prepare for your interview

Internship interviews are usually 30-minutes long with two Barokas Communications staff members. How are you going to make an impression? When a student comes prepared with knowledge of recent Barokas Communications news, culture and clients (read the blog and follow us on social media) they standout. Bonus points if you bring a printed resume and work examples! 🙂

  1. Follow up

Connect with your interviewers on LinkedIn and send a thank you note, either through email or snail mail.

  1. Apply for a term other than summer

We understand a summer internship is often the only option due to location and schedules during the regular school year, but competition is fierce for summer positions. Apply for winter, spring or fall if possible to improve your chances!

9. Be persistent

As with any potential internship or job, following up is key. The PR industry is hectic and emails sometimes fall to the bottom of the inbox. Your persistence shows your interest and dedication to interning at Barokas Communications. Plus, it’s a great skill to have in PR. Trust us, coverage for our clients usually doesn’t happen without persistence.

Finally, BIG thanks to our two awesome spring interns, Darby and Ashley. We are going to miss you! Stay in touch. <3






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