The Only Real ‘Bull’ In PR

June 5, 2017

Public relations may be my primary occupation, but I have a side job that may rival that passion–PR pro by day, bulldog sitter by night. While the two may seem very far removed, they’re actually quite a few parallels between them.

For the purposes of this blog post, I’ll keep them short and sweet. Here are the top three:

Attention to Detail

The bulls I sit aren’t your every day dogs; they have very unique, individualized needs—just like a client. Living under the same roof, and raised with the same pup-parents, the two bulls require different care. Similar to client relations, two clients, even operating within the same industry, will need and want different things. No two are the same, so a uniform approach cannot be used. This is why it’s essential to build each account from the ground up, through close collaboration with the client. I can confirm that if I cared for the two bulldogs the exact same, regardless of their age difference, their medical needs, and their attention requirements—neither would be happy. While this may sound tedious, it’s actually the most fun part of both jobs. After all, variety is the spice of life.


Focus on Body Language

Being a bulldog sitter sure would be easier if both dogs could talk (as long as they had nice things to say, that is). I’d know about all their aches and pains and how to best treat them, when they needed to be let out, and what all the barking was about. But the hard truth is, they can’t, and they don’t. Instead, the bulls communicate in their own different ways, and it’s up to me to decode it. Are they wiggling their bulldog butts because they’re happy? Are they looking sad because they want attention? Are they standing by the door because they need out?

Both media and client relations, two key parts of PR, work in similar ways. While people of course have the gift of speak, they don’t always say what’s truly on their mind. Being an effective public relations professional means being able to read between the lines, and a big part of this is paying attention to body language. As they say, silence speaks volumes.


Their Needs Come First

When the bulldogs are in my care, their needs come first. Before I get ready for the day, I wake up the bulls and let them out, get them their breakfast, and give them their morning pills. When something or someone relies on you and your services, whether it’s to fill the food bowl or advise them through a funding announcement, that’s the priority. Just as I don’t leave for work without taking care of the bulldogs’ morning routine, I don’t leave work until my clients’ needs for the day are met.

With all these parallels, it’s obvious why the bulldog is the official mascot of Barokas Communications. And that my friends, is not BS.


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