So You’ve Landed Client Coverage…Now What?

September 25, 2017

The days of a PR pro are typically spent pitching and pitching, and then pitching some more. And while we don’t always get the responses we hope for (oh, the stories we can tell), when we do get the “I’m interested” response from a reporter, it’s pretty damn cool.

Obviously the best part comes when all is said and done and the reporter actually writes a sparkly piece of coverage that you can share with your client. Now grab a glass of rosé, turn on the latest episode of This is Us and relax, because your job is done, right? Not quite.

That piece of coverage can do more for your client (and your agency) than you might think, so don’t just file it away and call it done. Read on for a few extra steps you can take to maximize coverage even after it’s posted.

Utilize social media

Social media may be the President’s own worst enemy but it’s actually a great tool for PR. Make sure the client takes advantage of social media’s breadth, sharing the article on their personal accounts as well as the company’s. Not only is it good press for our clients but it also increases the number of people who will see the article. Bonus points if you share the article on your PR agency’s social media pages, too. This increases agency credibility and shows our hard work off to potential clients.

Share the story with influencers

Tech PR is full of influential people so if you have built a solid relationship with a blogger or influencer with a large social following, shoot them a quick message. Let them know what’s happening and if you’ve built up a big enough rapport with them, they may even share news items with their followers.

Keep in touch with the reporter

Part of getting good coverage is maintaining a positive relationship with the reporter. You may want them to write again for you down the line and so why not stay friendly? Follow them on social and share upcoming client news to keep them in the loop. One piece of coverage is great, but two is even better.

So don’t turn on This is Us quite yet, we’ve got more pitching to do!


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