Five B2B Companies Killing it on Instagram

March 23, 2018

As an aspiring social media influencer, I recently found myself in  a heated debate about everyone’s favorite time suck, Instagram. The conversation wasn’t centered around whether my feed looked professional or what hashtags I could use in light of the new algorithm. Rather, my opponent in this debate didn’t understand the value of Instagram for a B2B company, and while I understood her rationale, I didn’t agree with her conclusion.

At first glance, Instagram is filled with consumers, and consumer brands trying to target those consumers. As of September 2017, Instagram had more than  8 million users, and while many fall under the consumer classification, there’s huge portion of those users who are business executives, too. Sure, Instagram is probably not the best sales channel for a  B2B company, but having a solid following on the platform does establish credibility and brand recognition that could indirectly impact sales.

Still, it’s a huge challenge for B2B brands to figure out what content to post on Instagram. Imagine if Salesforce only posted screenshots of its apps, or if Cisco curated a feed of routers and switches. Most B2B companies won’t have the same opportunity to post intriguing pictures of their products, as say, a brand like Coca-Cola will They must decide what else they can offer to consumers, if not their products. Images that highlight  workplace culture drive talent acquisition. A unique content angle touts creativity.

Here are five B2B companies that are posting unique, engaging content and taking full advantage of what Instagram has to offer:

WeWork, 248k followers

With a bio that reads, “Make a life, not just a living,” it’s clear from the start that WeWork is celebrating the people thriving in their spaces. Instead of posting the same desk flatlay one hundred different ways, WeWork primarily reposts the most creative content from its business tenants.

General Electric, 334k followers

General Electric showcases its products by capitalizing on their artistic potential. Looking at a turbine or a motor at a different angle inspires followers to think outside of the box.

MailChimp, 73.2k followers

MailChimp pivoted from promoting its services on Instagram to promoting its creativity. Most of the company’s  feed features a different version of MailChimp’s monkey mascot. Followers have really responded to the captivating colors and artistic vibe.

Adobe, 643k followers

Adobe is the poster child for letting others promote your services for you. Every month, Adobe asks followers to share their Adobe-created artwork with a hashtag for the chance to be featured. March was the month of metallic art, so Adobe’s feed is filled with artwork from followers  who hashtagged #Adobe_Metallic.

FedEx, 86k followers

FedEx takes advantage of its position as a global logistics brand to focus its Instagram feed on travel. Posts show FedEx planes and trucks in the airand on the ground in countless cities around the world.  

Long story, short -anyone on the wrong side of this debate should reevaluate, and quickly. Use the same creativity B2B companies must expend on this platform  to wrap your head around the possibility that every kind of business can find value in engaging with consumers via Instagram.

-Kayla K.

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