An Evening at Ready Set Raise

September 28, 2018

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the Ready Set Raise demo night put on by the Female Founders Alliance. For those of you not familiar with Ready Set Raise, it is a fundraising program designed to support high-growth, pre-seed startups by connecting founders with investors. I love that the program was designed specifically for female founders, by female founders – people who have walked the walk.

The program is different from other accelerators as it caters to the specific needs of women, many of whom are primary caregivers at home. During the five-week program, the founders participate remotely a majority of the time. When the program participants meet in-person, it is for one week and full-time childcare is provided. During her opening comments, Leslie Feinzaig, Founder and CEO of the Female Founders Alliance, emphasized that we need to “meet female founders where they are” so women can have equitable opportunity.

Here are the eight promising companies that presented:

Chanlogic (Seattle, WA)

Chanlogic is building the only platform brand managers need to succeed online. $2.3 trillion is purchased online globally, however, big brands don’t often have the right strategy and insights to sell online. Chanlogic aggregates data on sales, inventory, marketing and more across all channels to provide accurate profitability reports to brands.

Esq.Me (New York, NY)

Today’s lawyers are losing time and money on re-drafting and research (non-billable hours). Esq.Me is launching to provide a marketplace where solo and small firms can access research and documents, and sell their own documents in the marketplace. As Esq.Me shares on their site, “we bring big law resources to the solo practitioner and small law firm one service at a time.” 

Future Sight AR (Houston, TX)

Future Sight AR’s goal is to “augment the way we live, work and learn.” The company’s app already has early success in the construction market, providing digital manuals, an immersive interface and the ability to assign tasks and share status. As the bridge between construction and tech, they aim to increase safety and reduce rework.

geeRemit (Raleigh, NC)

I was very inspired by Dr. Sandra K. Johnson, a “Hidden Figure” – someone who works in a STEM, but is underrepresented. She founded geeRemit, a mobile app for global money transfers based on blockchain technology. Watch geeRemit as they start work in Sub-Saharan Africa, where there is a massive need for secure, low cost transactions. 

Magic AI (Seattle, WA)

Magic AI – you had me at horses. The company is applying machine learning to video of animals to improve their health and safety. It’s first use case is in the equine industry where horse owners spend about $40 billion per year. Magic AI shared an insightful case study on their work at Thunderbird Showpark, one of North America’s premier equestrian centers.

MoxieReader (New York, NY)

MoxieReader is inspiring kids to read every day. Even with $1 billion spent in literacy across US annually, by 4th grade 38% of kids are behind reading levels. As you can imagine, this increases the likelihood of kids dropping out of high school. MoxieReader offers an extensive collection of books, measurable reading goals and positive reinforcement on the student’s reading journey. 

Pandere Shoes (Anchorage, AK)

Pandere makes expandable shoes for people (about 43 million of us!) that don’t fit in off the rack shoes. Pandere expands 360 degrees an expects to be in shoe shops this November so you can get kicks that actually fit your feet. 

Zeta Help (San Francisco, CA)

Zeta helps couples master finances together. The founders saw an urgent need as 50% of couples don’t merge their finances, and 60% of couples divorce over money. Out of the gate, Zeta Help is targeting millennials as this generation will manage $11.3 trillion in assets by 2030.

Congrats to these female-founded and female-led companies. I’m hopeful that we’ll see more organizations like Female Founders Alliance create programs that cultivate and support leadership roles for women.



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