Barokas Supports “Take Off Election Day”

October 29, 2018

Over the last 20 years, Barokas has opened its doors to companies and clients looking to find and amplify their voice.

On November 6, we’re shutting our doors so our employees can make theirs heard.

This Election Day, Barokas joins hundreds of companies across the country in giving its employees as much time as they need in the upcoming midterms, closing our physical offices and encouraging every employee to go to the polls and support the candidates and initiatives most meaningful to them. While Barokas will still be available to its clients, we will be working remotely from picket lines, polling lines, our houses watching the NYTimes needle, and candidate rallies.

In our industry, we’re no stranger to superfluous phrases tossed around touting something as the biggest and most important. So often, the words ring hollow. This upcoming election is not one of those times, with human rights, healthcare and many other important initiatives hanging in the balance. In perhaps the biggest election in a generation, every vote is critical.

We ask our clients and partners to make a similar commitment on Election Day, making sure their employees feel supported and encouraged to vote.

So, get out the vote – hold picket signs during morning and evening commutes, join a rally or be the first in line at the polls. We hope to see you there.


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