Meet the Dogs of Barokas

November 19, 2018

Is there anything better than puppy kisses in the middle of a busy day? Studies show office dogs reduce stress and improve team moral, begging the question: why isn’t every workplace dog-friendly? For us, it’s a no brainer. Here are the regulars who provide us with comedic relief and Instagramable moments on a daily basis:


Age: 3

Office quirk: sitting at the table like a human during meetings and conference calls

Favorite snack: treats from Karli’s office and whatever you’re eating

Naughtiest office moment: licking team members’ lunches (multiple times)

Most likely to: leave with clients or delivery people in the elevator

Instagram: @ollie_theaussiedoodle



Age: 6

Office quirk: blending in with the floors

Favorite snack: peanut butter

Naughtiest office moment: jumping on the table to eat cookies

Most likely to: snuggle if you ask nicely


Age: 11

Office quirk: chasing his tail when he’d like to go home (typically around 4 pm)

Favorite snack: treats from Marney’s desk

Naughtiest office moment: eating Julia Milzer’s lunch off the counter

Most likely to: attack Amazon delivery boxes and shred them to pieces



Age: 1

Office quirk: Sliding around on the wood floor while doing zoomies around the office OR laying like “noodle” in the middle of the office

Favorite snack: String cheese

Naughtiest office moment: A puppy accident in Howie’s office that resulted in an email titled “Fresh Pee” sent to the entire Seattle office

Most likely to: Interrupt your conference call with a howl OR give you resting bitch face

Instagram: @siberian_in_seattle


Name: Riley

Age: 3

Office quirk: picking up multiple toys in the office and bringing them to friends as they come in

Favorite snack: treats from Marney

Naughtiest office moment: none, I’m an angel

Most likely to: be found hiding under my desk from other office dogs

Instagram: @rileystails

Mack – AKA: Mack Daddy, Big Mack, Nugget, Nuggins

Age: 4.5

Office quirk: attention seeker – will do anything for treats and pets

Favorite snack: peanut butter

Naughtiest office moment: stealing bones from Ollie and Koda

Most likely to: snore while you’re on a conference call


Age: 1

Office quirk: eating off people’s desks

Favorite snack: will eat anything available

Naughtiest office moment: stealing toilet paper/other items and not giving them back

Most likely to: run to Marney for a treat or sleep on his back

Instagram: @winnthecorgi


Kyoto – AKA: Yoto, Gore, Gorbachev, Gorky, BUD (Big Ugly Dog)

Age: pushing 10

Office quirk: sniffing the perimeter, hunting for a small mammal to sink her teeth into

Favorite snack: peanuts

Naughtiest office moment: she’s an angel

Most likely to: give your dog an ass whoppin’


Foxy Judi

Age: 2

Office quirk: running away from everyone and refusing to make friends

Favorite snack: licking leftover yogurt cups

Naughtiest office moment: none, she’s perfect! 

Most likely to: try and sniff you without getting too close



Age: 6

Office quirk: stealing unattended shoes 

Favorite snack: any table scraps you are willing to share

Naughtiest office moment: he’s not allowed to visit much because he doesn’t always play nice

Most likely to: give a kiss


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