The Best of Holiday Ad Campaigns

December 20, 2018

December is usually a hectic time in PR. From juggling performance reviews, to maximizing end of year news cycles, to finding yourself knee deep in mapping out 2019 plans, there’s a lot to prioritize around the holidays. As we’re all drumming up the best and brightest to get our clients noticed in the year ahead, I wanted to share some inspiration in a few of the merriest viral holiday ad campaigns the Internet could find. Here’s hoping they spark the warm and fuzzies, and maybe a few fresh ideas for the new year.

Happy Holidays!

West Jet’s Real-time Giving Christmas Miracle

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good flight…that’s what West Jet had in mind when it brought Christmas cheer to a group of deserving holiday flyers in 2013. The Canadian budget airline set up live “Santa-Cams” in airport terminals, asking travelers to share their wish lists for Santa. When passengers arrived at their destinations, each person’s chosen gift was waiting for them at baggage claim. It’s fun, unexpectedly sweet, and the voiceover rhymes like The Grinch – my heart may have even swelled up a little just watching it.

Spotify’s #2018Goals

Spotify knocked it out of the park last year with its hilarious out-of-home holiday ad campaign, #2018Goals. From snappy billboards to fully-painted buildings, the digital music giant made good use of some of the more peculiar habits of its huge user base, including some of the best, most randomly named playlists you’ve ever heard in your life. It was different and quirky, drove a YUGEEE engagement spike for Spotify and inspired millions of users the world over to reevaluate their playlist nomenclature.

Microsoft ‘s Peace On Earth

Remember this video from a few years ago? Just the age-old tale of Microsoft versus Apple – but throw Christmas in the mix, some caroling, a little bit of hugging – then viola, you’ve got this little gem, and it’s great and everybody’s friends.

Office Max ‘s Elf Yourself

Wherever you were in the mid-aughts, chances are you encountered OfficeMax’s Elf Yourself around the holidays. For those who don’t remember this absurdity, one, where were you; and two, this still existing website has created nearly 2 billion “elves” from user photos. I even made one with my dog’s face once. If you haven’t, try it. This gave me endless laughs…when I was running on no sleep and Redbull during sophomore exams. BUT, just trust me. It’s great.

Merry Christmas!

 Jen Lyle

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