Storytelling Isn’t Just for Kids. Understanding the Value of Customer Impact Stories.

May 22, 2019

It’s a noisy world out there.

With so many brands vying for our attention through various channels – from social media, TV, radio, print, smartphones and the endless barrage of emails flooding our inboxes on a daily – sometimes hourly – basis, it’s easy for your message to get lost among all the noise.

Once upon a time, advertising was enough to get your message out. Now, to captivate audiences and inspire them to engage, brands need to shift their focus to become part of the story and have a genuine voice within it. To do this, we must remember that the storyteller is often just as important as the stories themselves.

Customers are an amazing resource for this type of authentic storytelling. Stories from the real people who are using your product or service breathe life into your message in a different way than other copy can. They validate your claims, offer unexpected insights and lend credibility.

Our client, branded merchandise giant BDA, is a great example. BDA has an impressive pool of customer success stories, so we knew just what to do to help them elevate their story of merchandise as an advertising channel. We helped them package their customer stories into a compelling piece of content to compliment sales efforts and drive lead generation.

The concept of marketing customer success is heavily backed by data. According to a Podium survey, a whopping 92 percent of consumers are making purchasing considerations based on testimonials, and 72 percent of them report that testimonials make them trust a business even more. When leveraged in the right way, customers as storytellers can truly become your brand’s evangelists, and revitalize an important channel in your broader content marketing strategy.

-Allison Hefner, Social Media & Content Development Manager

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