Space: Marketing and PR’s Final Frontier

June 25, 2019

Space on its own is a brand. 

At Barokas, we know the space industry. With more than 20 years under our belt, we’ve seen its progression and evolution over the years fueled by innovation. And, just as the space industry has experienced massive change, so too must PR strategies within it.

It’s imperative to embrace and explore new frontiers in our digital world. At the same time, it’s equally as important to retain what works from traditional PR and communications in order to bridge the gap between old and new.  

Our work with York Space is a prime example. The company was founded to radically improve spacecraft affordability and reliability, transforming and enabling next generation space mission operations worldwide. Today, it is one of the industry’s most innovative aerospace companies. 

As a company on the frontlines of innovation, we’ve helped broker a contributing partnership with Forbes for York Executive Chairman Chuck Beames. We use this outlet as a publishing platform to provide key industry insight on the massive changes affecting the commercial space industry. This has enabled the company to reach key targets like investors and increase their reach on a global scale. We’ve also leveraged social media platforms to promote these articles showcase thought leadership, and publicize achievements and technology advancements – all while incorporating stunning imagery and a sense of humor.  

At Barokas, it’s equally important for us to help our clients navigate this growing industry due to the level of investment opportunity and the availability of capital to private companies and startups. As a result of the accelerated level of innovation taking place, this year is shaping up to be the Year of Commercial Space Travel. Space hardware is getting smaller, driving down costs, while simultaneously increasing opportunity. We are experiencing history in the making as the first privately-funded companies inch one step closer to launching commercial passengers into space. 

As the space industry continues to evolve – increasing access to space for individuals and companies – it’s imperative that our marketing and communications efforts remain agile. Just as we continue to explore and find new discoveries out in space, we continue on our mission to discover an integrated approach to communications that perfectly blends traditional media, social and digital media platforms.

– Allison Hefner, Social Media & Content Development Manager

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