Summertime Lulls Provide the Perfect Opportunity to Re-energize PR Efforts

July 23, 2019

Many companies have had a long standing love/hate relationship with summer. On one hand, everyone enjoys the longer days, warmer weather and sunshine. On the other hand, though, summer may not be as sweet to the bottom line. Approvals and projects move more slowly and more employees take time off, but the budget doesn’t take a seasonal vacation.  

Our team has been through dozens and dozens of summer lulls. We’ve learned that it is a time to look ahead and regroup, and help our clients prepare for an active and successful third and fourth quarter.

Our tips include:

  • Be prepared for seasonal slowdowns. It’s important to take stock of the seasonality of your business over the last several years to best prepare for the slowdown. When did it occur? What areas of the business were most impacted? What were the effects? How and when did activity ramp back up? With these questions answered, the internal team and outside partners will be in a better position to plan accordingly.
  • Seize the opportunity to regroup. Use summer “downtime” as an opportunity to evaluate the year’s progress to date and how teams are feeling about their goals. Tweak as needed and brainstorm for some new ideas to refresh the annual plan.
  • Have some fun together. Most companies have their summer picnic or the equivalent. We suggest taking it a step further, as we and many of our clients do, and plan some summertime adventures. Go on a hike, rent paddle boards, visit a winery or do a service project.  These types of team outings are a great way to facilitate bonding between team members and clients, reduce employee stress, and give everyone the chance to play.
  • Invest in yourself. Summer lulls present the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the downtime to review personal goals, and reset. Use this as an opportunity to reflect on milestones and mistakes from the previous six months, make adjustments and renew your focus for the rest of the year. 

Bottom line? A lull isn’t really a lull. It’s a much needed break from the busy times of year, to ensure PR and marketing efforts are on the right track and primed for the second half of the year. Once things pick up again, you’ll be thankful for this time!  

Have a great summer!

–  Allison Hefner
    Social Media & Content Development Manager 

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