PR for Healthcare needs to be ‘On Demand’ As Consumerism Drives the Industry

August 15, 2019

We live in the era of convenience. With big wigs like Amazon, Google and Apple setting the bar at an all-time high, consumers now have expectations to match. These days, we can accomplish nearly everything from the ease and convenience of our smartphones. When it comes to our healthcare, we want the same level of convenience.  We live busy lives. We expect our providers to adapt. We want access to quality care at our fingertips.

There’s no denying that the age of consumerism in healthcare is upon us, driving change as a major disruptor as organizations strive to operate more like a retail business in today’s super competitive market. With consumer-obsessed companies like Amazon all wanting a piece of the pie, retail giants like CVS expanding their services, and telehealth on the rise, many traditional healthcare organizations are feeling the heat to compete.  But how? Innovation. And that’s where we come in. As communications professionals, it is our responsibility to ensure that we are getting the right message out to the right audience at the right time using the right medium.

Take for example, Seattle-based 98point6. Combining board-certified physicians with AI and a  powerhouse tech team, the company delivers on-demand primary care via the ease of a mobile app to improve access to quality, cost-effective care. In an increasingly competitive market, it was essential to identify 98point6’s key differentiators to resonate with today’s on-demand consumers. To do this, we zeroed in on the three major factors that drive consumer choice when it comes to healthcare: access, cost and quality. We then highlighted the solutions to these barriers, promoting the company’s easy-to-use app whenever and wherever, its commitment to low costs, and encouraging ongoing communication between patients and real-life providers to foster engagement and humanized care. The result? Coverage in top-tier publications like VentureBeat, Geekwire, Inc. and CNBC, the latter crowning the company as the “Amazon of Primary Care,” a title that has served as a key differentiator, immediately resulting in an uptick in interest. To complement these press efforts, we crafted a thought leadership platform for the company’s executives, that included targeted blog posts and industry articles for them to weigh in on issues affecting the industry. 

Additionally, we leveraged our social media expertise to help healthcare consumer intelligence company NRC Health grow its digital media presence. In response, our team developed a comprehensive social media strategy that included a monthly calendar spotlighting executives, events, the company blog and the latest developments and issues in healthcare. Social platforms were selected and leveraged to appeal to the company’s targeted audience of industry leaders and served as a communications platform to provide insight and executive opinions on the latest healthcare trends and news. Posts were crafted to directly engage audiences and foster a sense of community. This resulted in a dramatic increase in social media engagement, with a nearly 3,000 percent spike in profile visits within six months on Twitter and 90 new followers within a single month on LinkedIn.

Whether it’s a comprehensive social media strategy, targeted press outreach or creating engaging content, at Barokas, we are on-demand to help clients in the health space achieve their communications goals in today’s consumer-driven culture. 

Because in today’s world, consumers wouldn’t have it any other way. Neither would we.

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