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December 3, 2019

Rock the boat. In black and white block letters, these words have adorned the wall of our founder’s office for years. They are a reminder to us, our visitors and clients that we are bold and adventurous. That we are leaders and unafraid of change. People who know us have a chance to see our grit first hand. Conveying those characteristics on a website, though, to give new connections a glimpse at who we are as an agency, is not as easy. Especially in a crowded industry, wherein most agencies speak the same language and promise the same value proposition.

So, we realized a new website was in order—one that would showcase more of our expertise, approach and personality. Figuring out what that looked like was a process. It took countless brainstorming sessions, messaging workshops, copy drafts and design meetings with our web partner for our vision to become clear. This is the work we do for our clients every day. It is second nature to us. But we found that talking about our clients is much easier than talking about ourselves.

We embraced the creative process and took it as an opportunity to really dissect how we are different from every other communications agency out there. Clients have endless choice when it comes to marketing, communications, content, PR and creative partners. We wanted our website to make it easier for companies to determine from the get-go whether or not we might be a fit. Eventually, through soul searching and good old-fashioned research, our new look and feel began to take shape.

Barokas Communications is more than a top technology PR firm. We’re an in the trenches partner, providing strategy, messaging and PR for emerging high-growth and industry-leading companies in Seattle, Denver and around the world. On our new site, current partners and prospective clients can learn more about the key industries where we provide specialized expertise. These include:

  • Aerospace: From electric airplane engines and rockets, to geospatial intelligence data and satellite imagery, we help aerospace brands such as magniX, Ursa Space Systems and York Space Systems navigate into the next frontier.


  • Enterprise and B2B: We have the experience to dig deep on enterprise technology and ladder up stories to larger industry trends. Clients including Airbiquity, Astia, Techstars and WTIA rely on us to help them buck trends and transform industries.


  • Consumer Tech: We work with brands across smart home devices, wearables, health apps and other tech— like 98point6, Boundless Immigration, and Ibotta — to break the mold of consumer expectations and beliefs about what technology can do.


  • Consumer Lifestyle: Impactful and lasting impressions are what count for consumer lifestyle brands. We’ve helped clients across entertainment (Pokémon), merchandise (BDA), fitness (Flywheel) and hospitality (W Bellevue and W Seattle) truly connect, inspire and motivate their audiences to act.

In-depth case studies throughout the site and under our key markets offer a detailed look at how we approach strategy and overcome the challenges our clients face. Case studies also feature top line outcomes, to provide a glimpse at impact, results and how we measure success. More, the site focuses on the types of companies that thrive in partnership with our team—clients that share our boldness, transformative mindset and thirst for innovation.

We work with technology companies across all stages. Whether your company is just emerging, undergoing hyper growth or established as an industry leader, we are sure our team has the experience, insight and passion needed to help you meet even your most audacious goals.

Please take a look around our new site, and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you. You can reach me anytime at hello@barokas.com.

-Karli Barokas, CEO

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