12 Ways Your Company Can Prioritize Diversity

April 30, 2018

Diversity seems to be on the minds of many but on the agendas of few. This is especially true in the tech sector. In fact, according to Wired, “Black people and Latinos earn nearly 18% of computer science degrees but hold barely 5% of tech jobs.” How can you make diversity a priority for your company? We asked members of the Forbes Technology Council for some of their ideas. These actionable steps may be useful for your company to employ…

5. Work On Expanding Your Circles: For hiring, plug into networks outside of tech to broaden your reach to amazing people in different industries. There’s incredible talent outside of tech that can add a wealth of relevant perspective. When necessary, modify your job descriptions and interview processes to effectively reach a diverse audience. Document as you go so you have diversity data to show future candidates. – Brett Jurgens, Notion

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