Adweek for Zumobi

February 16, 2015

Many marketers aren’t functioning at the top of their mobile game, and they’re not likely to admit it. But it’s time to get hip, friends. Mobile adoption is increasing and there’s still time to get it right (assuming you’re not already) – and win. And here are some stats to frighten you into acting now!

Recent research from PunchTab shows the “global mobile wallet market is expected to reach 1,420.8 million users by 2020” – and Apple Pay just kicked that figure into overdrive.

Why should you care? Online is quickly encroaching on your brick and mortar store – and consumers will buy where it’s convenient. Much like accepting credit cards, mobile pay will soon be the norm. You have a little bit of time, Mom and Pop shops, but not much.

The outlook for online brands requires a more immediate response though. We had a Q&A with Marla Schimke, VP of Marketing at Zumobi around the “unprecedented opportunity mobile apps have created for impactful content marketing campaigns.”

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