Why Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and Salesforce All Have Apprenticeship Programs

February 28, 2018

Marc Benioff is the CEO of Salesforce, a San Francisco-based CRM platform. Last year, he asked President Donald Trump to create five million jobs through apprenticeships. Although Benioff admitted this was a “moonshot request,” the president accepted the challenge.

However, the most surprising aspect of this challenge is the new approach tech titans are taking. Traditionally, apprenticeships helped those pursuing blue-collar careers. But now, they’re getting a white-collar twist. Besides Salesforce, companies like IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft all have tech-based apprenticeships.

Although I’ve never participated in nor offered an apprenticeship program, I’ve been an intern many times over and developed and managed multiple internship programs. After hearing about the surge in apprenticeships, I was inspired to learn more about them.

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