Blasting Into 2017: What’s in the Stars For Space Travel

January 2, 2017

Whomever Trump nominates could set the tone for the future of the space program, including how NASA partners with the commercial space industry, according to Jim Cantrell, CEO of Vector Space Systems and a founding member of SpaceX.

With Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel acting as a close Trump adviser, Cantrell said “some of the more commercial thinking” he brings “is very healthy, and if Trump continues to do that, it will be very positive for NASA.”

Presidents are usually relatively hands-off with NASA; however, Cantrell sees an opportunity for Trump, who has previously called space “terrific.”

“Occasionally you see presidents come in and provide a clear change in direction of leadership,” he said, referring to John F. Kennedy’s decision to go to the moon and George W. Bush’s appointment of a NASA administrator who helped paved the way for partnerships with the private space industry.

“The potential is there for Trump to do the same thing,” Cantrell said.

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