CIO for ExtraHop

November 3, 2015

Since its launch in 2007, ExtraHop, a specialist in real-time wire data analytics, has had a handle on data-in-motion. Wire data encompasses all network, client, application, infrastructure and business data, and ExtraHop’s platform is able to perform analytics on that wire data at line rate — up to a sustained 20Gbps. But with Tuesday’s release of the new ExtraHop Explore appliance, the company is adding the ability to perform wire data analytics on data-at-rest as well.  “Our existing appliance provide customers with the ability to mine, in real-time, all of the data-in-motion running through their network,” says Chris Blessington, senior director of Marketing at ExtraHop. “This new product brings the power of search — historical transactions. You can mine your data for much great insight than you could otherwise.”


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