CIO Insight for Blazent

August 18, 2015

CIO Insight: I know that big data initiatives have been used to identify further savings opportunities. Please highlight your approach to big data analytics.

Johnson: The most important big data initiative involving analytics is our work to ensure the accuracy of our asset management and configuration management data that underpins our enterprise service desk and feeds our chargeback system. GTA hired Blazent to help us validate and verify the data. We have data feeds coming from 19 different data sources; all of this data is being leveraged, compared and analyzed to ensure its integrity. The use of Blazent tools within our shared services delivery environment has helped our asset management data and configuration management data become the source of truth within the key systems we rely on to meet the needs of our customers. Our Multisourcing Service Integrator (MSI) is using this data to strengthen the foundation for the enterprise service desk and chargeback system. Having accurate and reliable data enables GTA to proceed with confidence as we introduce new services.

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