Most Enterprises Still Deploy Software On-Premises

September 21, 2016

More and more enterprises are choosing the cloud as their method of deploying software, but they need help.

A new survey by Microsoft partner Adaptiva found that most IT professionals see the cloud as the most effective place for deployment.

“The main advantage to the company, they stated, was elimination of on-site infrastructure,” Deepak Kumar, founder and CTO of Adaptiva, told Channel Partners. “I think the key advantages are speed, simplicity and cost.”

He also said cloud deployment of software will enable employees to become more mobile.

But deployment over cloud is by no means the current norm. The study found that 70 percent of respondents use on-premises deployments, while 21 percent use a hybrid model. That being said, 86 percent said they wanted to start using the cloud at some point, with 40 percent saying they would do so within the next two years. The demand is growing.

“Enterprises clearly want to move their systems-management activities to the cloud, but are concerned about the demands and costs that high-volume, cloud-based software deployments would place on their networks,” Kumar said.

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