Exploring a controversial net neutrality opinion: Not all data should be treated equally

April 1, 2018

Washington recently became the nation’s first state to pass net neutrality legislation, a law in which violations by all internet service providers (ISPs) are enforceable, under Washington’s Consumer Protection Act. Net neutrality, or the principle that all internet data must be treated and delivered to consumers equally, was repealed at the federal level and remains a source of great debate across the tech industry.

Several states are already exploring passing similar legislation, though it’s worth noting that these laws are widely considered a symbolic move as federal regulation prevents states from passing their own net neutrality legislature.

While we know there are democratic reasons why net neutrality is important (democratization of information, etc.), the “PRO” argument for repealing net neutrality has gone largely unexplored. My controversial opinion for the day: In order to provide the ultimate benefit to everyone, not all data should be treated equally.

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