FierceDevOps for Skytap

October 27, 2015

The DevOps movement is growing, and it’s becoming more influential in organizations even as some people indicate that doing DevOps is actually making things harder. According to Skytap’s Software Development Survey 2015, which was conducted at VMworld 2015, 81 percent of respondents indicated that DevOps is impacting their ability to develop software faster. Respondents were split on opinions about DevOps, though. Of the respondents, 49 percent said DevOps made things easier, while 31 percent said it made things harder. Perhaps that will change over time as DevOps becomes more mainstream and a greater number of organizations figure out how to do it. Earlier this year, IBM’s DevOps core services lead, Adam Archer, indicated that nobody is currently doing DevOps correctly. It would be interesting to know if Archer believes that has changed in the last eight months.

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