Forbes for Airbiquity

March 6, 2015

While Google’s development of self-driving technology and Apple’s rumored automotive project could spell trouble down the road, automakers don’t have to worry yet about these tech giants taking over their personal transportation turf, although automakers are concerned about them taking over the dash. Both Apple and Google introduced smartphone integration platforms last year – CarPlay and Android Auto, respectively – that project certain features of the tech giants’ mobile operating system, such as mapping and apps, onto a dashboard display.

Both Apple and Google promised to have their platforms ready by the end of 2014 after introducing them in March of last year, but beyond Ferrari neither had appeared yet in a production car.

Dave Jumpa, chief revenue officer at Airbiquity, an automotive supplier that provides back-end connected car technology and services to automakers, said that he thinks the delay has “been a very humbling lesson” for Apple and Google. “I think Google struggled a little bit getting it to market,” he observed.

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