Fortune for Kindara

November 24, 2015

Another major area of opportunity for women’s health wearables is in reproductive health and fertility. One of the biggest players in the space is Boulder-based Kindara, which has raised nearly $7 million from investors so far. Co-founded by husband-and-wife team Katherine Bicknell and William Sacks, it is now being led by Sacks alone, who is passionate about fertility. “It’s this beautiful, magical thing, and no one really knows a thing about it,” he says.

Kindara’s flagship product is the Wink, a fertility thermometer that links to a smartphone and tracks a woman’s fertility cycle over time. The product appeals to women who want to get pregnant, of course, but also to those who use fertility awareness to avoid it, says Sacks. “We’re solving a really high-value problem. What’s more important than whether or not another human being born or not born?”

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