Furbo, the bestselling dog camera, is only $169 on Amazon today

November 24, 2017

This Black Friday, don’t forget about the most important being in your life — your dog.

If we could stay home with our dogs at all times, we would, but unfortunately we need to go to work so we can pay for their food and toys. Thanks to the magic of technology, though, we can play with our furry friends all day long. With Furbo, a wifi-enabled camera with two-way audio built to keep tabs on your pet, you can toss them treats from anywhere in the world.

Furbo recently released an upgrade to their software that makes the device even smarter. In addition to barking alerts that let you know when your dog is agitated, the software can now recognize your dog’s face and send you a “selfie” when she gets close to the camera. It supposedly learns her activities and alerts you to specific events, like if a person enters the house.

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