Hacked in Space: Are Satellites the Next Cybersecurity Battleground?

October 3, 2016

Since its introduction into the mainstream more than three decades ago, GPS has now made its way into almost everything, from our phones to our cars and watches.

Americans were given access to global positioning in 1983, after Korean Air Lines Flight 007, traveling to Seoul from New York City, strayed into Soviet airspace and was shot down, killing all 269 people on board. The tragedy prompted President Reagan to speed up his plan for civilian use of GPS.

“If the GPS constellation went down, things would stop flying, maps would stop working,” Jim Cantrell, one of the founding members of SpaceX and now CEO of Vector Space Systems, told NBC News.

There are a myriad of uses for the satellites in space, from intelligence to communication, navigation and completing capital transactions, such as when you swipe your credit card at the gas pump.

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