How One Developer Is Creating The ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Game Of My Dreams

April 24, 2018

I find myself writing “imagine a world where” (insert any number of gaming-related dreams here) quite often lately. As someone who spent almost a decade and entirely too much money on Magic: The Gathering, I always fantasized about playing the various digital versions of Magic, but owning physical copies of certain rares or exclusives. Because scarcity creates value in the Collectible Card Game market, that’s a pipe dream. One company, however, is using blockchain technology to put a unique twist on the CCG genre, and by extension the free-to-play model.

Clearly some creative ideas centered around blockchain are coming out of Seattle. Last week I wrote about 8 Circuit Studios and their vision for contributing to a real-life Metaverse. Now I’m hearing about Crytpogogue, a team of crypto geeks and CCG enthusiasts who are quite literally transforming how the genre can be experienced with an upcoming game called Volition. You don’t need to understand the core technicalities of blockchain to understand its benefits. Just as it does with cryptocurrency, blockchain allows for the decentralization and secure ownership of assets, items and just about anything you can build into it.

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