Integrate IT monitoring tools for potent systems management

September 7, 2016

In addition to BigPanda, ServiceNow and Pandora FMS, OpsDataStore has a bidirectional platform that consumes IT monitoring tool data, analyzes that data and feeds it back into tools for actions. HPE offers a large, complex operations analytics suite in Operations Bridge. Splunk has IT service intelligence, as does ExtraHop. Other companies, such as Rocana, BMC Software, Sumo Logic, IBM CA Technologies and MOOG, have utilities that perform various monitoring tool aggregation and analysis, he said.

And the future isn’t always up to the people running the production systems. “The folks in app dev are going to go to microservices regardless of whether the folks in IT ops can manage them,” said Bernd Harzog, CEO of OpsDataStore. Instead of 1,000 VMs with 1,000 application performance management agents, there will be 100 containers with microservices on these VMs, multiplying the monitoring components needed, and individual correlations between IT monitoring tools won’t keep up.

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