Is RCS Poised To Overtake SMS For Text Messaging Supremacy?

March 20, 2018

At the rate of speed technology is changing how we interact, no CMO can think that any platform in use now may be the first choice of their target audience in the near future. Case in point is SMS. It’s part of daily life and become such an ingrained way to communicate to the point that most marketing strategies include SMS campaigns.

However, there is an up-in-coming communication platform set to change our focus: Rich Communication Services (RCS). As Digital Trends wrote last year “formed by a group of industry promoters in 2007 and brought under the wings of the GSM Association in 2008, it envisions a platform that’s significantly more rich and capable than today’s SMS.”

Labeled as text messaging 2.0, Google featured it at Mobile World Congress 2017. RCS is poised to become a reality which both consumers and brands can reap the rewards. In terms of carriers and their use of RCS according to Fierce Wireless “T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint have all reported progress to one degree or another on the rollout of RCS” while Verizon “appears to be the only major wireless network operator in the United States that is not supporting (RCS).

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