This Musician Wants To Change How People Buy Marijuana

August 24, 2016

Musician Brendan Hill has been using marijuana for decades, and he claims that it has helped him succeed in his chosen career. As a member of the Grammy-winning band Blues Traveler, Hill says he has used marijuana for a long time, and that it truly makes him, and others, better at their jobs. “When you’re playing live and being creative on a daily basis, I think cannabis helps you get to that flow moment without much effort,” he explained, adding that weed helps form a “connection between the players,” which is especially important when playing live.

Now that marijuana is legal to buy and sell where he leaves in Washington state, Hill is helping people learn more about the drug and buy it in a fashion they probably aren’t used to. For the past year, he has been running Paper & Leaf, which is “Bainbridge Island’s first and ONLY premier recreational cannabis boutique,” according to its website.

While a small island outside of Seattle might sound like an odd place to open up such a specific type of store, the location is apparently perfect, considering how those that live there feel about the drug. According to Hill, over 70% of the population of Bainbridge Island voted in favor of the legalization, which was the highest in the state. While that might indicate that the town was ripe for this kind of business, opening the store still had to be done delicately and with care, so as to ensure that it would be a success.

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