Network World for ExtraHop

September 8, 2015

John Matthews, CIO of IT operations analytics company ExtraHop, is a 20-year veteran of the industry. He says he’s seen this sort of sea change before. “Like 10 years ago, where we had vertical specialties around things like phone systems, we will now employ vertical experts who are 100 percent dedicated to how to make things work in cloud IT environments such as AWS and Azure,” Matthews says. “Specific names of IT positions and what their roles entail will change, but the function will be the same as today — or even 10 years ago. There will be roles best suited for the general IT knowledge worker, and there will be those that require a specialist’s touch. For example, a lab manager’s role might morph and be 70 percent focused on managing workloads in a system like AWS, which will provide them with additional tools to take on more tasks across the network.”

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