Report: Your business is wasting money on BYOD reimbursements

September 20, 2016

A report out today from Syntonic, a mobile platform and services provider, has brought some surprising BYOD statistics to light. For starters, would you believe 81 percent of businesses have or are planning on implementing a BYOD policy?

The shock doesn’t come from how popular BYOD is becoming: It comes from the massive waste being generated in employee reimbursement programs. 71 percent of IT decision makers surveyed for the report admit to overspending.


How reimbursements usually work

Reimbursing an employee for using their own laptop isn’t what this report is about: It is purely focused on smartphones. A 2014 court decision in California stated that companies had to reimburse employees for business expenses incurred on their personally owned phones, which is a major reason why organizations around the country have started offering BYOD reimbursements.

Of the companies offering reimbursement, nearly half simply pay a stipend every month, amounting to an average of around $71.40. Very little effort is made to calculate costs, and even less is spent making calculations accurate.

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