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June 8, 2014

Tinder,, Plenty of Fish, OKCupid. With dozens of Internet dating sites available today, it seems that much of the younger generation is comfortable with the concept of meeting their significant others online. But as a divorcée and mother of two, the idea of going online to meet anyone (especially my future husband) was a foreign concept.

But when my two daughters came to me wanting to sign up for ourWorld, a virtual world social network designed for teens, it was part of my motherly instinct to also join and check out the site. I wanted to make sure that it was a safe environment to play and used it as an opportunity to spend more time with them. After five years in ourWorld, I was given the opportunity to become a beta tester for a new, more adult-oriented site – Vegas World – and found it easy to make the leap to the new platform.

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