U.S. News & World Report for FlowPlay

May 25, 2016

“At $100 billion last year, the video game industry is larger than ever,” says Derrick Morton, CEO of FlowPlay, a developer of virtual worlds, social casinos and fantasy sports-based casual games. “With the rise of mobile, free-to-play, eSports, and virtual reality, there are also more avenues to capitalize on than ever.” Investors, take note. If the gaming realm is kid’s stuff, then so is the exploitation of observable price inefficiencies within the hedge fund domain – which may pale in confusing complexity to a hale and hearty round of Dungeons and Dragons. Morton and other experts will also point out that video games pushed the computer industry make huge leaps in machine power and speed: arguably more so than any other marketplace sector. In other words: Gaming tech isn’t just for gamers anymore.

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