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January 14, 2016

We can safely assume that the feisty Brit who coined the phrase “keep calm and carry on” didn’t have any coin in the U.S. stock market. Think about it: On Wall Street’s scary-go-round of irrational exuberance and nail-biting anxiety, the words “keep calm” rarely if ever apply for more than a few days at a time. Or hours at a time.

People first, profits next. Anxious investors will find a calm space simply by looking at how a company interacts with clients and consumers. “If you invest in a quality business with good margins and loyal customers, then you shouldn’t feel anxious because you’ve followed a trusted process,” says Vincent Bradley, CEO and co-founder of FlashFunders, an equity crowdfunding platform. “If you choose to invest in a business because of their financial performance instead of the people, it’s likely that you’ll be more nervous.”

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