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March 16, 2016

Our sprinklers turn on at six in the morning. We’re usually still in bed at that time, so if it’s raining when they sputter into action, somebody’s getting up and getting wet to turn them off. Either that, or our yard ends up turning into a swamp. The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller ($250) helps makes that problem go away. The small box, which you install in place of your old sprinkler controller, uses data from the Internet and connected apps to optimize your irrigation schedule. It consults your local weather forecast, so it knows not to water the lawn when there’s rain expected. It can optimize the watering time and water volume to account for your specific irrigation setup, and the type of plants, slope and soil in up to 16 different irrigation zones. The system makes everything more efficient, helping you save water without under-watering your lawn and landscaping in the process.

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