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Our Approach

DomainTools is the leader in domain name and DNS-based cyber threat intelligence. DomainTools’ goal is to stop security threats before they happen, using domain/DNS data, predictive analysis, and monitoring of trends on the Internet. Fortune 1000 companies, global government agencies, and leading security solution vendors use the DomainTools platform as a critical ingredient in their threat investigation and mitigation work. 

DomainTools hired Barokas Communications in 2014 to launch and execute a PR strategy that would propel the company into the cybersecurity industry. Our approach focused on driving awareness of DomainTools across several vertical markets including cybersecurity, travel and hospitality, finance and retail.

The Barokas team leveraged DomainTools’ compelling data and dynamic experts to add a viral element to the company’s PR program. Specific examples of this include work with analyst firm Ponemon Institute, DomainTools branded quarterly research that analyzed vertical specific data, as well as InfoSec professional point of view research.

Ponemon Research

The annual “Staffing the IT Security Function in the Age of Automation” surveyed U.S.-based security and IT professionals across industries to shed light on the evolution of the cybersecurity skills gap. The study, conducted by the Ponemon Institute on behalf of DomainTools, analyzes a variety of staffing issues within the IT security function in the age of automation. For the report, data was collected from over 600 interviews with top U.S.-based security staff and business executives from industries including financial services, healthcare, government, retail, and technology and IT. Year-over-year, the DomainTools and Ponemon survey received coverage in target security publications as well as tier one outlets like The Wall Street Journal in 2018.

Annual Cybersecurity Report Card

This annual survey asks more than 500 security professionals to grade the overall health of their cybersecurity programs. The report sheds light on how cybersecurity practices are evolving, and what successful organizations are doing to adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape. The Report Card was consistently covered by more than a dozen publications.

“State of the Domain” Quarterly Research

Barokas Communications identified the top four industries relevant to DomainTools’ sales prospects to conduct research on the likelihood of domain name spoofing campaigns that consumers could potentially encounter online, and released quarterly research that was dedicated to each of these industries. The timeliness and relevance of each industry was also taken into account for the newsworthiness of the research and the likelihood of press publishing stories around these themes.

For instance, the Fall campaign was centered on holiday shopping scams in preparation for Cyber Monday, while the summer campaign was focused on common travel scams as they relate to airlines and hospitality sites. As part of this research, DomainTools conducted additional investigation via its PhishEye solution to further support the initiative. Notable campaigns include the proprietary Cyber Monday research, which garnered 100 pieces of coverage, and the summer travel research, which resulted in feature coverage in tier one business publications like Forbes.

The development of the research programming was the result of our intimate understanding of the security landscape and awareness of topics of interest to media. As a result, we consistently drove tier-one and security media coverage for DomainTools.

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