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Solid Power Revs Up Reputation in Automotive Industry via BMW Partnership

Creative PR for the Electrification of Vehicles Through Solid State Battery Technology

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Our Approach

Solid Power, a spin-off from the University of Colorado Boulder, is a leading developer of solid-state rechargeable batteries. The team focuses on developing and scaling competitive solid-state batteries, paying special attention to safety, performance and cost. Solid Power’s batteries contain no liquid electrolyte – a differentiator when compared to other industry offerings. Instead, they are comprised of proprietary inorganic materials producing higher energy density batteries with fully benign failure modes.

Solid Power partnered with Barokas Communications to help break through the noise in the evolving electric vehicle and battery market through ongoing media and thought leadership campaigns. Our strategy centered around building Solid Power’s reputation as an industry leader prior to announcing a partnership with BMW Group.

Over the course of a year, Barokas Communications monitored industry conversations and target press in the automotive and battery sectors, proactively introducing Solid Power and company executives to key influencers in order to build relationships ahead of the company’s flagship BMW announcement.

Barokas Communications positioned Solid Power executives as industry leaders by piggybacking on news cycles around the predicted growth of the electric vehicle market and the projected growth of solid-state battery development. As part of this strategy, we placed several bylines in top manufacturing publications.

These PR efforts culminated with Solid Power announcing a joint development agreement with BMW Group to accelerate the company’s solid-state battery technology for electric vehicle applications. Barokas Communications managed all communications around the partnership to ensure that Solid Power was not overshadowed by BMW in articles covering the news. We secured interviews with target media over the course of six months, ultimately driving 115+ pieces of coverage including CNBC, CNET, NBC, New York Times, Reuters, and TechCrunch.

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