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Data Is As Good As Gold

How Ursa Uses Space Analytics To Shed Light on the Darkest Corners of the World

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Our Approach

Founded in 2014, Ursa pioneered transparency in the oil and gas supply chain by using satellite-based radar and is expanding applications of the technology into new supply chains and markets. In early 2019, Ursa sought out a strategic communications partner in Barokas Communications to increase awareness around Ursa’s data analytics products, and to drive sales and partner leads. 

By leveraging Ursa’s stream of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite data and analytics around oil and gas and markets, as well as the company’s weekly blog posts around market-shifting events in oil and gas, Barokas has inserted Ursa into top-tier business and financial publications. 

Barokas has been particularly successful highlighting Ursa’s data around Chinese oil markets. China’s oil inventories are widely regarded as a key indicator of global demand, but many traders and analysts must rely on government sources which are not always accurate or trustworthy. Ursa’s data, gathered by imagery from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites in space, combined with a machine learning algorithm paints a far more accurate, real-time picture of China’s oil storage. This not only helps oil and gas analysts, but also traders and financial institutions.

As part our strategic communications program, we target reporters and media who directly impact global markets. As a result, Ursa’s data and information has been included on Bloomberg’s trading terminals multiple times. This high profile placement speaks directly to Ursa’s target customer audience in the moment they need information to make critical decisions.

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