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Building Buzz for W Bellevue

Media and Influencer Relations Fuel Luxury Lifestyle Brand

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225+ stories to date
100+ social media posts for grand opening
36K+ impressions for grand opening

Our Approach

The W Hotel brand is unlike any other in the world. Built around four main passions – Music, Fashion, Design and Fuel – each hotel is uniquely brimming with bold, modern aesthetics around every corner. A stay at any W Hotel is sure to be unforgettable. 

To raise awareness around the grand opening of the W Bellevue in Bellevue, WA, the W team looked to Barokas Communications to secure media and influencer coverage and generate buzz while aligning with its distinctive brand.

With W Bellevue’s target market and key brand pillars in mind, Barokas identified local influencers with quality content, high engagement and several thousand followers. Barokas facilitated influencer stays and several tours of the hotel, and still maintains relationships with each of these influencers, inviting them to different hotel events throughout the year. 

Throughout the course of the launch campaign, Barokas secured more than 100 social media posts with more than 27,000 engagements and 36,000 potential impressions. Barokas has also developed strong, long-term relationships with over 30 local influencers, giving W Bellevue access to some of the Seattle area’s most influential people and their audiences. 

Barokas continues to work with W Bellevue to generate awareness around the hotel and its various activations, like themed happy hours, holiday parties, fitness pop ups and more through traditional media outreach and influencer relations. In fact, after one influencer stay, W Bellevue gained over 100 new Instagram followers and many of them expressed interest in staying at the hotel!

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