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Our Approach

Most of the time, if you want to send a satellite into space, you commission a one-off instrument, built to specific measurements. But York Space Systems is creating a universal platform that can carry any sensors, transmitters, receivers, cameras and experiments desired by a customer. In turn, this lowers the cost and speeds up the design process, greatly impacting the burgeoning market for Low Earth Orbit satellites.

York Space Systems initially partnered with Barokas to highlight the company’s presence in Denver. Our communications program showcased the company’s impact on the local economy through recruiting and placed Denver on the map for space technology.

Based on the success of this initial program, York expanded its partnership with Barokas to target a broader set of media.

York Space Systems Opens Access to The Final Frontier 

As part of our strategy, we targeted influential trade media to help drive leads and fill York’s customer pipeline, an early success barometer in the New Space industry.

Barokas Communications worked to consistently message the company’s commitment to changing the satellite industry, while keeping in mind the dynamics at play between commercial and government customers. Utilizing the strong Colorado economy to tell a larger story around how one company plays into the community and industry at large, the Barokas team created multiple proactive media campaigns to highlight York’s technology and its groundbreaking business model.

The team was awarded a PRSA Gold Pick Award in 2018 for the work accomplished in partnership with York.

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