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Growing pains. They are something we all remember feeling in our youth – whether physically, emotionally or both. Any inexplicable ache, discomfort or bad mood would be casually dismissed by our parents as nothing more than ‘growing pains’. It was aggravating at times, when mom or dad couldn’t magically make the problem go away. But as frustrating as those moments were, I’d venture to guess that most of us didn’t really know truly how difficult growing could be until we got a little older and a little wiser.

Just like in childhood, in business, growing pains are ambiguous. You expect you’ll probably feel them sometimes, but you never know exactly what will trigger them, where the hurt will manifest, or how severe they will be. Most companies experience them at some time or another, whether through problems with hiring, difficulties fulfilling customer demand, lack of adequate office space, managing public perception or balancing growing revenue against the costs of preparing for that growth.

Working with clients at all stages, we’ve repeatedly seen the issues that arise with scaling. For some, rapid growth can become crippling. We can relate too. Our agency has grown immensely over the last 20 years, and we have endured our share of growing pains.

There are countless ways an organization can weather the storm that comes with growth. For us, we’ve found that staying connected as a team, and staying rooted in the core values that make our company unique, are the keys to staying on track as we expand. These simple steps make it possible for us to keep bringing on new clients and hiring new employees while maintaining a high standard of quality work and client service.

This month’s newsletter will dig a little deeper into this issue, and how communications teams can ensure they can keep the bar high for quality results even when facing growing pains, no matter how mild or severe.

If you are part of a high growth organization and need a little help aligning your communications plan as the company scales, let’s talk!

– Karli Barokas, CEO at Barokas Communications

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