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These days, content is king. Of course, this isn’t a new revelation. Yet, the evolution of how content will be used and managed by marketing and communications teams is still in its nascence. Supporting our clients’ emerging and escalating needs in content has been on our minds for quite some time. Storytelling is the foundation of what we do here at Barokas Communications, so building out a formalized content arm has been a natural progression for the agency.

Over the last year, as we’ve dedicated specific energy to structuring content services and fostering our writers, we’ve seen some steady traction and interest in content work. We’re excited to have welcomed new clients, such as Filament, with whom we’re collaborating on content strategy, web copy and technical writing. A number of our existing clients have also tapped into these resources, leaning on us for the development of story-driven case studies, whitepapers, web copy and thought leadership. It’s great momentum and we’re excited for how this practice will continue to grow.

Another important recent development is the appointment of our new COO, David Mandell. A former client, entrepreneur and corporate communications veteran, David brings a wealth of experience to Barokas. David will drive agency growth, support the development of new services and help us achieve the goals we’ve set out to accomplish in 2019. You’re sure to hear more from him in the coming months.

If content is on your mind, or you are simply thinking about how to further expand your communications program, get in touch. We’d love to collaborate!

Lastly, we’re hiring. Check out our current openings.

Until next month…

– Karli Barokas, CEO at Barokas Communications

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