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Barokas Communications is a Denver public relations firm known for its focus on relationships and outcomes driven PR programs.

We know you’ve worked hard to build brand equity, and as your tech PR agency, we’ll help you drive even more momentum in the market. Barokas Communications works with clients across key technology sectors including aerospace, consumer technology, enterprise and B2B. Through our work in these markets, we’ve developed deep media relationships and intimate knowledge of each of these unique ecosystems. Our PR programs leverage a mix of media, content, thought leadership, speaking and more to raise awareness for our clients.

As a Denver public relations firm, we have been proud to partner with brands including GoSpotCheck, Ibotta, Techstars, WOW and York Space Systems.

Aerospace Market

As a tech PR agency, we have worked extensively in the aerospace industry over the last several years. While large, well-funded companies such as Blue Origin and SpaceX drive headlines, there are countless opportunities for emerging brands and space innovators to do the same in the aerospace market. We’ve secured placements for our aerospace clients in publications including CNBC, Fast Company, Forbes, New York Times and more.

Consumer Technology

Consumer technology is ubiquitous. It spans every category and touches us across all parts of our lives – from our home, to our cars, work, gyms, hobbies and beyond. Our PR specialists are avid users of consumer technology in their personal lives, and passionate about telling the stories behind these “can’t live without’ companies and products.

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