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A concise, relatable brand message is the cornerstone of effective and engaging dialogue with the world outside the walls of your company. You know who you are, but it’s not always easy to put that into words that mean something to your audience. Young startups struggle to explain their company and product in terms that resonate with outsiders. Co-founders disagree about their target audience. Development and sales teams struggle to bridge the gaps between their groups, ultimately missing out on opportunities to collaborate on a cohesive message. Marketing leads come and go, and the team’s focus changes with each new recruit. Countless hours are spent in fruitless meetings designed to help the company define its message. All the while, your audience is left confused, frustrated—or worse, buying from your competitor.

Barokas Communications will collaborate with your team to distill collective ideas into a resonant narrative that can grow and evolve alongside your business. With a combined corporate communications strategy and strong corporate messaging, you’ll be primed for effective and engaging dialogue with the media, analysts, influencers, customers, employees and your broader industry. Our corporate messaging services include:

  • Evaluation of overall brand messaging, press materials and newsroom content
  • Facilitation of collaborative workshops and brainstorming sessions to understand what makes your business tick and why anyone should care
  • Competitive audit to understand how others in your industry are reaching the audience
  • Detailed corporate messaging framework that defines tagline, elevator pitch, key differentiators, support points and boilerplate
  • Updated press and company background materials

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