Crisis Communications

Crises can strike without warning, threatening to inflict serious harm and interruption to business. But many crisis situations are preceded by red flags that indicate a potential coming storm. Crisis situations often lead to a break down in operational response and ineffective knee-jerk reactions that do more harm than good. Drawing on experience helping clients navigate their most troubling issues, Barokas Communications offers crisis PR services that range from proactive risk assessment and preparation to on-call support in the heat of the moment. No matter the issue, our crisis team is here to guide you through the tricky process of damage control and returning business continuity as quickly as possible.

Our Crisis Communications services cover:

Risk Evaluation:

  • Identify areas of operational weakness and system flaws that could lead to a crisis or issue
  • Conduct interviews, internal surveys and/or focus groups to determine the scale, scope and likelihood of possible threats
  • Socialize actions required for each scenario

Crisis Communications Plan:

  • Develop comprehensive crisis communications plan including holding statements for potential or existing crises, so key messages can be vetted proactively
  • Establish a notification process and roles and responsibilities for key stakeholders
  • Prepare and update organizational fact sheet and key messages

Crisis Management:

  • Serve as a resource to lead core crisis team, guide in-the-moment strategy and field media inquiries
  • Support spokespeople throughout the crisis and prepare them for each interview to ensure consistency and accuracy of speaking points
  • Track coverage and reaction to crisis situation, implement learnings in real-time

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