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These days, reporters aren’t the only ones that break the news or define trends. Many bloggers and social media influencers have tremendous credibility, and play a major role within many of the industries our clients serve. The right influencers can serve as powerful brand advocates for your venue, product, service or experience.

While Instagram is credited with the rise of today’s modern influencer, the reach of this group extends far beyond this social platform. Many influencers contribute to popular mainstream publications and blogs, while also posting content to their own blogs or websites. Some influencers have even turned their online popularity into full-fledged empires, creating their own product lines.

The power of influencers is becoming so ubiquitous that venues such as hotels, restaurants, bars and tourist attractions are being designed to provide Instagramable moments for their customers. Brands with an influencer-first mindset can build a large, loyal following and benefit from new levels of exposure.

Barokas Communications has mastered the art of collaborating with these influential tastemakers to ensure our clients get exposure where it matters most. As part of our Influencer Relations programs, we work with your team to pinpoint the right offering or experience for each influencer so they are enticed to engage with your brand. Barokas Communications oversees the entire influencer relations process, from identifying the right targets, determining the right cadence for outreach, negotiating contracts, hosting the influencer on-site, and tracking the results of their commitments to your brand. As part of our service, we keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies for working with influencers so you can stay focused on providing them with a memorable experience or must-have product.

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