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As a growing business, you spend a lot of time thinking about how to be noticed and reach your target audiences, as you should. How you talk about your business matters. But your audience isn’t limited to outsiders. Your employees and close partners are also important audiences that you need to be thinking about. The messaging and the channels of delivery for these different audiences are very different. We believe it is essential to create an internal communications program that is effective and predictable in order for your employees to feel informed, valued and remain motivated. Getting this messaging right is just as important, maybe even more so, as getting your external messaging right. Employees matter. They are what drives your business forward. Whether a company is going through growing pains of scaling, announcing earnings or restructuring, it’s imperative for employees to feel in the loop and understand how they should speak about the company externally. Effective internal communications ensure that a company’s most important assets—its people—are informed and made to feel valued for their contributions.

Our internal communications programs are flexible to meet a client’s unique needs, and offer multi-pronged approaches that promote positive messages throughout the company, help recruit and retain talent, and engage team members to share compelling content on their social channels and with their colleagues. Our team will create a communications plan to meet the unique goals of your business and evolve as your business grows and pivots along the way. Showing your people you believe in them matters. We provide the strategy, tools and messaging to help you do so successfully.

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